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Adoption Agreements


This is an adoption agreement dated dd/mm/yyyy is between ABC (the adopting parents) and XYZ (the adoption agency).

1.    Definitions

According to adoption agreements, clear definitions have to be made as to the parties in the contract. In this adoption agreement, ABC are adopting parents who wish to adopt a child from the United States. They understand that the relationship between adoptive parent and child is identical to that of biological parent. On choosing to adopt a child, they assume full responsibility for health, education and other expenses associated with raising their adopted child.

Whereas XYZ is an adoption agency that is non profit in nature dealing with the facilitation of adoptions within the United States.

2.    Purpose

The purpose of adoption agreements is to outline the duties and obligations of both parties in relation to adoption. It also provides the rights available to both parties for the same purpose. The adopting parents understand that this is an unpredictable process and that XYZ is first governed by the best interests of the child and secondly meeting the needs of the adopting parents.

3.    Duties of XYZ

The adoption agency XYZ is required to perform the following obligations as per the terms of this adoption agreement.

3.1    Home Studies In order to assess the readiness and suitability of the adopting parents, XYZ is required to conduct a home study of the adopting parents.

3.1.1    The adopting parents shall be liable for all fees related to the home study exercise.

3.1.2    In case home studies have already been conducted by other agencies, this adoption agreement provides that XYZ shall accept the recommendations of these agencies so long as they fall within the XYZ participating network of adoption agencies

3.1.3    The adoptive parents shall be liable for all fees related to such arrangements in accordance with their adoption agreements with these alternative agencies.

3.2    Facilitate Documentation Dossier

XYZ shall assist the adopting parents in the preparation of a child adoption dossier, a file containing information about the financial status, employment history, personal life and other details surrounding the adopting parents. This file shall accompany all adoption applications following this adoption agreement.

3.3    Collaboration with Other Adoption Agencies

In the process of facilitating child adoption, adoption agreements require that XYZ collaborate with agencies within and outside of the XYZ adoption agency network to find and place a child with the adopting parents.

3.4    Provide Post Adoption Examination and Review Services

On placement of the child, XYZ shall undertake to perform a post adoption examination of the success of the exercise in line with US law. If this review is being conducted by another agency, the adoption agreement states that XYZ shall provide review and advisory services to the adopting parents on the submitted report.

4.    Obligations of the Adopting Parents

The adopting parents are required to perform the obligations contained this section of the adoption agreement.

4.1    Financial Obligations

The adopting parents are required to fulfill all financial obligations imposed on them in the form of fees and reimbursement of expenses incurred by XYZ or any other adoption agency associated with their adoption.

4.2    Full Cooperation

4.2.1    As per the adoption agreements, the adopting parents are expected to extend their full cooperation and disclose all relevant information to XYZ as well as to local authorities in connection with the adoption.

4.2.2    The adopting parents also understand that a home study is a required pre-condition for any adoption process and agree to provide their full cooperation in this regard.

4.2.3    Post placement of the child, the adopting parents shall participate in any post adoption review conducted by XYZ or other connected agency or authority, as outlined in section 3.4 of this adoption agreement

4.3      Complete Parent Preparation Course

As per this adoption agreement, the adopting parents are required to complete a mandatory parent preparation course, which can be completed from home. XYZ will undertake to provide all material required for such a course. The adopting parents agree to afford due respect to the training material.

4.4    Acknowledgement of XYZ’s Services

The adopting parents understand that adoption agreements do not guarantee that XYZ will be able to find a child who fits the requirements outlined by the adopting parents. XYZ will undertake to retrieve all information relating to the medical, psychological and educational history of the child but may not be able to provide a comprehensive report given the unpredictable nature of the adoption process.

This adoption agreement comes into effect upon its signing by all relevant parties and shall supersede any other adoption agreements pre-existing between both parties.


Adoptive Mother


Adoptive Father


XYZ Representative