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Employee Non Compete Agreement

The Employee Non-Compete Agreement rendered below is put into effect this day of (date) between (name of employee), hereafter known as “the Employee” who resides at (primary address) and (company), hereafter known as “the Company” whose headquarters is located at (address) and is registered as a corporation in the state of (state).

1.    Non-Compete Agreement

1.1 Per this Employee Non-Compete Agreement, the hiring company and the Employee agree the Employee shall not take part in the same type of business (describe business) with (number) of miles of the Company address of (address) should the Employee be terminated by the Company of leave the employment of the Company for any reason.

1.2 The Employ in this Employee Non-Compete Agreement also agrees not to solicit business from any company or individual already a client of the Company the Employee leave the company’s employment.

2.    Defining the Terms

2.1 The phrase “non compete” in Employee Non-Compete Agreements signifies that the employee will not run, consult, or own a business identical to the hiring company should the Employee leave that company.

2.2 The word “competition” in Employee Non-Compete Agreements means should the employee leave the hiring Company, the Employee will not take part in any business that performs the following function(s): (describe company business).

3.    Company Knowledge

3.1 Per the terms of this Employee Non-Compete Agreement and during employment by the Company, the Employee may be privy to company secrets or inside information that is considered confidential.  The Employee agrees to keep this information in confidence not to be shared with a 3rd party.

3.2 The Employee also agrees to take whatever steps necessary to maintain this confidentiality not to disclose client, supplier, economical or developmental information to any outside party during employment.

4.    Fines

4.1 The Employee will pay the amount of (dollars) should this Employee Non- Compete Agreement be violated as defined by the Company.

5.    Geographical Region

5.1 This Employee Non-Compete Agreement is enforceable within a set geographical region contained within the Company’s sphere of business activity.

5.1 This geographic region where the Employee agrees to the Employee Non-Compete Agreement runs from (describe area or boundaries)

5.2 The Employee agrees not to practice the aforementioned business in this geographical region for (number) years beginning on the date of termination from the company.

The Employee and the Company agree to this Employee Non-Compete Agreement beginning on (date)

Company                                                                   Employee

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Authorized Signature                                                  Authorized Signature

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