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Child Custody Agreements

This child custody agreement has been entered into between ABC and XYZ and dated dd/mm/yyyy. It shall come into effect from this date onwards and contains the custody arrangement to be adopted for DEF, the child of ABC and XYZ following the divorce of ABC and XYZ.

1.    Definitions

For the purpose of this child custody agreement, ABC shall hitherto be referred to as ‘the mother’ and XYZ shall be referred to as ‘the father’. DEF shall henceforth be referred to as ‘the child’

2.    Type of Custody

As is customary with custody agreements, the type of custody shall be outlined in this section. Both parents shall enjoy joint physical and legal custody of the child. Since the father does not live in the same city, the child shall live with the mother. The father shall provide child support to the tune of $XXX per month as per the custody agreement.

3.    Visitation

As was outlined in section 2 of the custody agreement, since the child is residing with the mother, the following visitation schedule shall apply:

3.1    The child shall visit the father one evening a week during the school year.

3.2    The child shall spend two weekends a month with the father.

3.3    Summer and Winter Vacation shall be split evenly between both parents.

3.4    According to child custody agreements the father shall take leave from work to spend time with the child during this time

3.5    If the father is unable to do so, the normal visitation arrangement shall apply as is outlined in sections 3.1 and 3.2.

3.6    According to child custody agreements, both parents agree to be flexible with this visitation and holiday sharing schedule for the best interests of the child.

4.    Sharing of Holidays

According to custody agreements, the following arrangement shall be made for sharing of holiday time with the child.

4.1    Christmas, Easter, New Years, Thanksgiving and Child’s Birthday

The child shall spend alternate holidays with each of parents for the occasions mentioned above as is provided in this custody agreement.

4.2    Parents Birthdays

The child shall spend the mother’s birthday with the mother and the father’s birthday with the father.

4.3    Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

As is customary with child custody agreements, the child shall spend mother’s day with the mother and father’s day with the father.

5.    Significant Decisions for the Child

According to child custody agreements, day-to-day parenting decisions for the child shall be taken by the parent with whom the child is living at that time. For significant decisions, both parents shall have equal legal rights with respect to the education and healthcare of the child. The custody agreement stipulates that information shall be shared openly between both parties so that decisions can be taken jointly.

6.    Free and Peaceful Visitation

The child custody agreement requires that both parents shall enjoy free and peaceful visitation and conversations with the child. Neither parent shall interfere in the relationship between the other parent and the child, nor speak adversely of the other parent to the child. Both parents have the right to talk to the child over the telephone or in person whenever they would like within reasonable limits.

7.    Communication

As per child custody agreements, both parents shall enjoy an open and honest communication agreement for the sake of the child. They shall notify each other of any change in contact numbers or addresses. The child shall be instructed to contact the absent parent at regular intervals during the week so that a healthy child parent relationship can be maintained.

8.    Mediation for Issue Resolution

In the event of any dispute between the parents relating to this child custody agreement, both parties agree to take the route of mediation to resolve the difference and arrive at a mutually beneficial arrangement that protects the interests of the child.

We, the parents of DEF agree to the details stipulated in the above custody agreement and will use it to foster a loving and caring relationship with our child and each other for the sake of our child.

______________ Mother

______________ Father