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Service Agreement

This Service Agreement and its terms and obligations is made this day (date) between (Service Provider name) located at (address), hereafter called “the Service Provider” and (Company Name) located at (address) and registered as a corporation with the state of (State) whose office is located at (address), hereafter known as “the Company”.  (If the recipient of the service is a private individual, substitute company name and address with individual name and address).

1.    Services

1.1 Per this Service Agreement the Service Provider will be expected to perform the following services for the Company. (Describe Services)

2.    Fees

2.1 The Company agrees to pay the Service Provider at a rate of (amount) per hour based on the time spent rendering services.

2.2 The Company expects the Service Provider to pay all their own employees without additional charge to the Company.

3.    Billing

3.1 Per Service Agreements the Service Provider will bill the Company monthly via a monthly invoice sent to the Company’s mailing address at (address).

3.2 The Service Provider expects payment within (number) of days from date on the invoice.

4.    Lack of Payment

4.1 If the Company does not pay the invoice within the time frame noted in this Service Agreement the Service Provider will demand payment either personally or through a collection agency.

4.2 If payment is still not received with (days) after demand of payment the Service Provider as per this Service Agreement will cease and desist rendering the Services described in this Service Agreement.

5.    Estimations & Fees

5.1 Before services begin by the Service Provider, or at any time during the service, Company has the right to request an itemized list of material costs, fees and labor costs for the entire job or remainder of the job depending on when the request is made.

5.2 Per Service Agreements, the Service Provider must submit the estimate in writing to the Company within (days) after the request in made.

6.    Termination of Service Agreements

6.1 This Service Agreement may be terminated by the Company via written notice to the service provider at any time.

6.2 The Company shall be expected to pay all moneys due up to the time of cancellation of the contract.

6.3 The Service Provider may cancel this Service Agreement if the Company does not comply with the terms therein.

6.4 The Service Provider may also cancel this Service Agreement if they feel at any time the Company is requesting they act in an unprofessional, unethical or illegal manner.

Both the Company and the Service Provider agree to the terms of this Service Agreement on this date (date)

Company                                                                                  Service Provider

_____________________                                                         ______________________

Signature                                                                               Signature

_____________________                                                         ______________________

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