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Separation Agreement

This Separation Agreement is binding on (date) between (husband name) living at (address) and (wife name) living at (address)

The individuals in this Separation Agreement we married on the day of (date)

There was (number) child (ren) born during this marriage and include (name of child) born on (date) in the city and state of (city/state) (add age, DOB and place of birth for additional children)

The heretofore Separation Agreement will settle the issues of support, property division and distribution of assets and liabilities.

1.    The Separation

1.1 The two parties of this Separation Agreement will be living apart and at different addressees free of any confines of the state of marriage.

1.2    Both parties agree to live separate without any control or attempts at interference from the other.

1.3    Neither party will molest, agitate, or otherwise annoy the other.

2    Property

1.1 With the exception of specific property listed below, each party of these Separation Agreements agrees that the only owner of personal property shall remain the sole owner of that property including jewelry, bank accounts, cars, stock, and real estate.

3    Liabilities and Assets

3.1 The husband acknowledges that his wife has knowledge of all his assets and liabilities as described in Schedule A.

3.2 The wife acknowledges that her husband has knowledge of all her assets and liabilities as described in Schedule B.

4.  Child Custody, Welfare and Visitation

4.1 Both parties agree that care, supervision, custody and control of the child (ren) shall be joint by both parties.

4.2 Both parties agree the wife shall have custody with the husband allowed visitation as desired.

4.3 The wife agrees to accommodate the husband’s wishes to see the children as desired.

4.4    The wife agrees to accommodate the child(ren)’s wishes to see the father as desired

4.5    Should the child be confined due to illness the husband has the rights to visit the  child at the place of the sickbed.

4.6    Both the husband and wife shall have the right to call the child(ren) as desired and the child(ren) shall have the right to call the parent as desired.

4.7    Both parties agree to inform the other of any change in phone number or address.

4.8    To maintain parent child contact both parties agree not to remove the child from the country except for vacation under the written permission of the other.

4.9    Any change of address must be approved by the other parent in writing prior to the move to prevent the child from being an unreasonable and unreachable distance from the other parent.

4.10   Each party in this Separation Agreement agrees to inform the other of any illnesses or accidents of the child.

4.11   Each party agrees to confer with the other on matters of education, health, religious practices and welfare of the child(ren).

5.  Child Support

5.1    The husband agrees to pay the wife the sum of (amount) in child support.

5.2    Child support payments will being on the first day of (month) and the first day of every succeeding month thereafter until the child is considered legally emancipated.

5.3    The wife agrees the above payment amount is sufficient to support the child.

6.    Release From Obligation

6.1 Except as stated, both parties permanently discharge the other from debt, claims, suits or other demand both legally and financials.

6.2 Each party release their right to inheritance from the other party upon their death unless specified in the deceased party’s will.

7.   Fairness of Separation Agreement

7.1 Both parties agree that this Separation Agreement is fair and not made under any duress.

The husband and wife concur with this Separation Agreement on (date)

_____________________                                                 ______________________

Husband                                                                             Wife

City:_____________________                                     City:______________________

County:____________________                                  County:____________________

State:_____________________                                    State:______________________

On this day _____________,                                        On this day _________________

before me,_______________________,                       before me __________________

a Notary Public for (county/state) personally                a Notary Public for (county/state)

appeared__________________who I know is              personally appeared ___________

the individual within the above agreement, and            who I know is the individual

by me being sworn, manifested and known to              within the above agreement, and by

me that ____________________made the same           me sworn, manifested and known

for the reasons explained herein.                                   to me that ______________ made

the same for the reasons explained

________________________________                       herein.

Notary Public


Notary Public