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Trademark Agreement

This Trademark Agreement is made on (date) between (Trademark owner name) at (address) hereafter referred to as “the Owner” and (Licensee Name) at (address) hereafter known as “the Licensee”.

The Owner acknowledges ownership of the trademark (description of trademark) and has already applied to register the trademark under the Application number (number).

The Licensee and Owner wish to enter into a Trademark Agreement and with this contract state the conditions when the Trademark can be used by the Licensee to assist the Licensee in their services.

1.    Use of Trademark

1.1 The Owner is granting permission in this Trademark Agreement to the Licensee to use the Trademark in (country location) in conjunction with their services.. 1.2 The services must be performed, advertised or supplied by the Licensee in a manner suitable to the Owner. 1.3 In Trademark Agreements the Owner may occasionally and with propriety request the Licensee use the Trademark is a particular way.

2.    Quality Standards

2.1   The Licensee agrees to use the Trademark in their advertisements and services as agreed to by the Owner.

2.2   The Licensee will allow the Owner in this Trademark Agreement or the Owner’s designated agent to review the Licensee’s advertising and marketing plans including all information and materials for an audit to ensure the Licensee is conforming to all acceptable standards as well as a high Performance quality as designated by the Owner.

3.  Infringement

3.1 The Owner claims all rights if there is Trademark infringement that occurs after  the start of this agreement  and while it continues.

4. Continuant and Termination

4.1    This Trademark Agreement is effective as of the date listed above. 4.2  Termination of this Trademark Agreement can be initiated by either the Owner or the Licensee by providing written notice 60 days in advance. 4.3  Termination of this Trademark Agreement is allowed immediately should either party break the terms of this contract. 4.4   Upon termination of this contract the Licensee will immediately cease using  the Trademark in any way, shape or form.

4.5   The Licensee agrees not to adopt another Trademark after termination not use one that is similar or can be confused with the Owner’s Trademark. 4.6   Upon termination of this Trademark Agreement the Licensee will deliver to the owner or destroy all materials with the Trademark sign.

5.  Trademark Ownership

5.1  The Owner confirms that it will remain the Trademark owner and does not infringe on the trademark rights of another company or individual. 5.2  The Licensee agrees, during the duration of this Trademark Agreement, that the trademark will remain the sole property of the Owner. 5.3  The Licensee agrees not to sue or challenge the Owner as to the veracity of the trademark ownership.

This Trademark Agreement made between the Owner and Licensee is in accordance with the laws as governed by the state of (state Name) as well as any pertinent federal laws.

This Trademark Agreement is executed and signed on the date (date) by:

_______________________                                             _____________________ (Owner Name)                                                                   (Licensee Name)

_____________________                                                 ______________________ (Title)                                                                                 (Title)