Software Software License Agreements

Software License Agreements

This software license agreement is between ABC, the manufacturers of the software product titled DEF and XYZ who is purchasing the said software. The parties shall be known as manufacturer and customer respectively for the purposes of this contract. The software license agreement is dated dd/mm/yyyy and takes affected from the date of purchase of the software DEF.

1.    Limited Non Exclusive License

As is customary with this form of software license agreements, it is categorized as limited and non-exclusive. These two clauses are further elaborated in the sections below:

1.1.    The software license agreement is limited to its use by the customer. It does not in anyway amend the ownership rights or title associated with the software. It merely permits the customer to utilize it.

1.2.    As is customary with software license agreements, the customer is permitted to install the software in multiple computers however he is prevented from using the software simultaneously in more than one computer.

1.3.    The customer agrees in this software license agreement not to make any unauthorized copies of the software and attempt to sell it or distribute it.

2.    Warranty

As per software license agreements, the manufacturer provides a confirmation relating to the authenticity, functioning and quality of the software provided. Towards this end, he issues a limited 36-month warranty associated with his product. The following conditions apply to utilizing the warranty.

2.1.    The manufacturer is the sole entity eligible to issue warranties for the product. Any other warranty issued by any agents or resellers shall not be honored as per this software license agreement.

2.2.    According to software license agreements, if the customer is facing a technical issue with the product, he may return it to the manufacturer at his own cost within the lifetime of the warranty.

2.3.    The manufacturer on assessing the product and validating that it falls within the acceptable warranty conditions shall supply a fresh product with an associated authentication code to the customer as per this software license agreement.

3.    Indemnification Agreement

According to software license agreements, the customer shall not hold the manufacturer liable for any third party claims for damages or injury arising out of the use of this software. The customer shall hold the manufacturer harmless against such claims as per this software license agreement and agrees to indemnify the manufacture against any allegations that arise.

4.    Termination of the Software License Agreements

In the event of any breach of the clauses contained above, the manufacturer reserves the right as per software license agreements to terminate the contract with the purchaser. In the event the software license agreement is terminated the customer undertakes to return all CDs, manuals and other material he received at the time of sale to the manufacturer.

This software license agreement is fully understood by the purchaser who agrees to abide by its clauses in relation to use of the software provided.

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