Consulting Agreements

This consulting agreement has come into force on this date dd/mm/yyyy between ABC Inc who will be called ‘the company’ and XYZ, a consultant in the field of XXX, who
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Real Estate

Lease Purchase Agreement

This Lease Purchase Agreement dated ___________ is made on this _______ day of _______BETWEENXYZ, residing at __________, hereafter referred to as ‘the Seller/Landlord,ANDABC, ____________________________, residing at ___________, hereafter referred to
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Hold Harmless Agreements

This hold harmless agreement is between ABC who shall be called the agency for the purposes of this contract and DEF who shall be called the renter for the purposes
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Separation Agreement

This Separation Agreement is binding on (date) between (husband name) living at (address) and (wife name) living at (address)The individuals in this Separation Agreement we married on the day of
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Licensing Agreements

ABC is a developer of computer hardware equipment who has created a device which DEF, a manufacturer and seller of computer hardware equipment intends to build and sell. This licensing
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