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Business Contract Agreement

The parties taking part in this business contract are (business name) referred to as “the Company” in this contract and (Name/SS#/Mailing Address of the independent contractor) referred to as “the Contractor” in the rest of this business contract.

1.    Work Start

1.1 This Business Contract will begin on (date) and end when the services in the agreement below have been completed as determined by the Company.

2.    Business Contracts

2.1    The Contractor acknowledges that this is not an employment agreement.

2.2    The Contractor understands he/she has no claim to benefits, bonuses, between the Contractor and the Company end.

3.    Services

3.1    Expected services by the Company include: (list services)

3.2    The Contractor has complete control as to how the services will be completed provided they meet the standards of the Company.

3.3    The Contractor confirms he/she is not under contract to any other company providing similar services.

3.4    The Contractor agrees that any job not meeting the Company inspection shall be repeated to correct any issues.

3.5    The Company confirms that the Contractor will not break any laws while performing the services.

3.6    Business contracts state that the Contractor is able to complete the job with the expertise represented in the initial interview.  If the Contractor has misrepresented their talents this will lead to immediate termination.

4.    Payment

4.1    This business contract states the payment to the Contractor as follows:

4.2    Upon completion of the business service as indicated above, the Company will pay the sum of (amount) to the Contractor.

4.3    The Contractor will be paid within (days) of completing the required services in full or in monthly installments of (money) with the first payment in  (days) of service completions.

4.4    Per this business contract the Company agrees to pay pre-approved business expenses with (days) days of receiving the receipts.

5.    Help

5.1 The Contractor is allowed to employ help as needed to complete required services.

5.2 All provisions in this business contract apply to any assistants hired by the Contractor.

5.3    The Contractor is responsible to pay wages of all the assistants.

5.4    The Company agrees to go through the Contractor to direct the activities of the assistants.

6.    Confidence

6.1 Business Contracts stipulate that the Contractor will get to know private information about the company that must not be divulged outside of the company.

6.2 The Contractor agrees to take sufficient security measures to protect any confidential information in the Contractor’s keeping including the names and personal information of the Company clients.

6.2 The Contractor will be required to return to the Company any company information including books, computer records, correspondence, or any client information.

7.    Work Ownership

7.1 Per this business contract, the Contractor agrees that any media created for the company including but not limited to documents, drawings, computer programs, photos or technical manuals will be considered the sole property of the Company.

7.2 The Contractor agrees not to keep any copies of items made for the Company once employment has ended.

7.3 The Contractor agrees to allow the Company complete rights and copyrights of any works done by the Contractor on behalf of the Company.

8.    Termination

8.1 The business contract will automatically terminate if the Contractor or the company is arrested for a criminal offence.

8.2 Should the Company fail to pay the Contractor within 30 days the Contractor has the right to terminate the business contract.

8.3 As per business contracts should the Contractor fail to perform as required by the business contract the Company has the right to terminate the contract.

Signed on (date)

Signature (on behalf of Company) ________________________



Signature (Contractor)_________________

Witness _____________