Contract Hold Harmless Agreements

Hold Harmless Agreements

This hold harmless agreement is between ABC who shall be called the agency for the purposes of this contract and DEF who shall be called the renter for the purposes of this contract and is dated dd/mm/yyyy.

1.    Nature of the Transaction

As is customary with hold harmless agreements, a full account of the transaction between the buyer and the seller is required. This hold harmless agreement relates to a car rental agreement in which the agency shall provide a car on lease to the renter. Further details about the type of car and its specifications are contained in Exhibit A of the annexure to this hold harmless agreement.

2.    Commitment to Hold the Agency Harmless

According to hold harmless agreements, the agency shall be held harmless for any liabilities or damages arising out of any accident or mishap taking place with the car in question. The following additional conditions shall apply to this clause of the hold harmless agreement:

2.1.    As per hold harmless agreements, in case of any accident involving the vehicle on lease, the renter shall waive all rights to assign liability to the agency for any damages or injury caused by the accident.

2.2.    The hold harmless agreement also specified that the agency shall be held harmless in case of any injury or damage caused to any third party in which the vehicle on lease played a role.

2.3.    According to hold harmless agreements, the terms shall apply irrespective of who is driving the vehicle and shall extend to any individual authorized or unauthorized by the renter to drive the vehicle.

3.    General Terms and Conditions

Hold harmless agreements are also subject to a few general terms and conditions that apply to all contracts in force. These are:

3.1.    Governing Law

According to hold harmless agreements, the contract shall be governed by the laws of the state of XXXX and will be bound by the existing statutory instruments in place here. If any particular clause in the hold harmless agreement is in violation of the laws of the state, it shall be set aside in favor of the governing laws of the state of XXXX

3.2.    Severability

As outlined above, this hold harmless agreement falls under the jurisdiction of the laws of the state of XXXX. If any clause is found unlawful, that clause alone shall be excluded from the agreement. As per the clause of severability included in hold harmless agreements, the invalidity of one clause shall not affect the validity of the other clauses.

This hold harmless agreement shall come into effect from the signing of the associated car lease agreement. All parties fully comprehend and agree to abide by the conditions contained within the contract.

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