Employment Employee Agreement

Employee Agreement

This employment agreement dated dd/mm/yy provides the terms and conditions of employment between ABC Inc and XYZ.

1.    Position and Job Objectives

The employee shall be assigned the position of Junior Customer Service Associate and is expected to meet the set objectives assigned to this designation. Details of job objectives are contained in Annexure 1 of this Employment Agreement. The company shall not impose any duties out of the scope of these objectives.

2.    Duration of Employment

Upon signing of employee agreements, the employee is expected to join work on mm/dd/yy. He will serve a six-month probation following which, subject to his performance; his employment status shall be upgraded to permanent employee. The duration of employment shall continue until such point as the employee chooses to resign or the company chooses to terminate the employment. Details relating to termination are contained in section 7 of this employment agreement.

3.    Compensation

During the duration of his employment, the employee is entitled to a monthly salary of XXX with details contained in Annexure 2 of this employee agreement. All statutory tax deductions and employer contributions shall be adjusted before disbursal.

3.1.    The employee is entitled to an annual pay increase, which is determined based on his annual appraisal rating.

3.2.     The employee is entitled to non-salary benefits as outlined in Annexure 2 of this employment agreement.

3.3.    The employee is expected to maintain the confidentiality of his compensation details and not disclose its specifics to colleagues or other parties as per his employee agreement.

4.    Association with Competing Businesses.

The employee is not permitted to seek additional employment with any organization that is directly or indirectly a competitor of this company.  As per employment agreements, he is also not permitted to hold shares of such a company above x%.

5.    Confidentiality

The employee is expected to maintain complete confidentiality regarding the functioning of the company or any of its related entities. As per the terms of this employee agreement he is not permitted to disclose any information he obtained from his association with the company. The confidentiality clause extends after employment with the organization ends.

6.    Remedies

The employee understands that if he violates the conditions stipulated in sections 4 and 5 of this employment agreement, the company has to right to seek remedial action against the employee. The severity shall be determined based on the significance of the violation and shall be decided by an arbitration panel created solely for this purpose.

7.    Termination of Employment Agreement by the Employee

The employee is entitled to terminate his employee agreement with the company at any time. The employee shall present his decision in writing to his immediate supervisor and is required to serve two weeks notice. All dues to the employee shall be settled before his departure unless they require investigation. In such cases, dues shall be settled with 20 days of the employee’s last working day.

8.    Termination of Employee Agreement by the Employer

The employer is entitled to terminate the employment agreement in the event that the employee fails in certain aspects of this role:

8.1.    Failure to meet his job objectives consistently despite sufficient documented support being provided to assist him.

8.2.    Proof of dishonorable behavior like stealing, cheating and lying to his superiors.

8.3.    Indication of lack of interest in his work like repeated instances of absenteeism without proper notification.

8.4.    Insubordination and disrespectful behavior with colleagues and superiors.

8.5.    As per employee agreements, any other violation as outlined in the staff handbook provided to the employee on his date of joining.

8.6.    Death or Disability of the Employee

9.    Disability

In the event the employee suffers from permanent disability, the employee agreement shall be terminated. The employee is entitled to receive all salary and other benefits until the date of his disability. A company doctor shall assess this condition. In the event there is disagreement relating to the severity of the condition, the employee is also entitled to provide a doctor. The final decision shall be made by a third doctor selected by the company and employee’s doctors.

I, XYZ fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions contained in my employment agreement with ABC Inc.


Signature of Employee

Name of Employee


Signature of ABC Inc HR Manager

Name of HR Manager

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