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Loan Modification Agreements

This loan modification agreement has been entered into by ABC who shall be known as the lender for the rest of this document, and XYZ who shall be called the borrower for the purpose of this document. It is dated dd/mm/yyyy and will come into effect upon date of signing. It relates to the loan extended by the lender numbered XXXXX for the property located at XXXXXX.

1.    Current and Revised Terms of Loan

According to loan modification agreements, the current and revised terms of the loan are listed below:

1.1    Outstanding Amount

The amount currently outstanding on the loan is XXXX. The borrower undertakes to repay this amount under the amended terms and conditions provided in this loan modification agreement.

1.2    Revised Interest Rate

The interest rate applied for the outstanding amount shall be reduced from XXX% to YYY% in this Loan Modification Agreement. This rate shall apply for the rest of the tenure of the loan.

1.3    Revised Tenure

As per Loan Modification Agreements, the tenure of the loan has now been amended from XXX to YYY and the borrower is expected repay all outstanding dues by this time. If the amount is not fully paid by this time, the borrower must take steps to make full settlement.

1.4    Revised Installment Amount

As per the loan modification agreement, the installment amount has been lowered from XXX to YYYY following the reduction of interest rate and increase in tenure. This will due by the 5th of every month starting from dd/mm/yyyy

2.    Sale of Mortgaged Property

According to loan modification agreements, if at any time the borrower chooses to sell the mortgaged property, he must seek the prior approval of the lender. On selling the property, the borrower must make full settlement of all outstanding dues to the lender before utilizing the funds for any alternative purpose.

3.    Borrowers Obligations

As per Loan Modification Agreements, the borrower shall meet the following obligations upon signing of this contract:

3.1    Make regular and full payments in line with the specifications mentioned in section 1 of this Loan Modification Agreement

3.2    The borrower understands that all the conditions of the existing loan agreement continue to apply except for the changes listed in section 1 of the Loan Modification Agreement

3.3    Loan Modification Agreements do not in any way release the borrower from his obligation of repaying the outstanding loan amount.

3.4    The borrower shall amend his personal will testament and other related documents so that the terms of this Loan Modification Agreement shall apply to his heirs and successors in the event of his death.

4.    Lenders Rights

As per Loan Modification Agreements, the Lender shall enjoy the following rights with respect to the outstanding loan:

4.1    Any fees, expenses or legal costs associated with drafting Loan Modification Agreements shall be borne by the borrower and included in the loan amount for repayment

4.2    The Loan Modification Agreement stipulates that the lender shall be notified in advance of any changes including sale or transfer of the property. If the changes are unplanned, the lender must be notified at the first available date.

4.3    In case of sale or transfer of the property, the lender enjoys first priority in the distribution of funds realized from the sale or transfer.

This Loan Modification Agreement will come into effect on DD/MM/YYYY. The borrower understands all the terms and conditions contained therein and shall fully comply with these amendments.

Promissory Note

This document is a promissory note between ABC and XYZ and shall be dated dd/mm/yyyy. It provides an undertaking repay ABC who shall be called the borrower to repay an amount of %XXX to XYZ who shall be called the lender. This promissory note stands in addition to the loan agreement already in place between the two parties.

1.    Principal Loan Amount

As outlined in the loan agreement contained as exhibit A of the annexure to this promissory note, the borrower has borrowed a sum of $ XXXX from the lender and has provided collateral in the form of personal stocks and shares. Details of the collateral are also contained in the annexure of the promissory note. The borrower agrees to repay to the lender this principal amount along with interest as detailed in the following clause.

2.    Interest Rate Applicable to the Loan

This promissory note contains an undertaking by the borrower to repay the principal amount taken as a loan from the lender along with an interest component of X% per annum. This shall be calculated on a compounded basis on the reducing balance that exists after each installment is paid.

3.    Maturity Date of the Loan

The promissory note will mature 36 months from the date of signing this agreement. By this date all outstanding dues in the form of interest and principal shall be settled. The borrower agrees to make all payments within the due date, which is dd/mm/yyyy.

4.    Rights of the Lender in case of Payment Default

This promissory note provides for the following rights of the lender in case the borrower defaults on his payments:

4.1.    The promissory note requires that the lender shall send three reminders ten days apart to the borrower demanding payment of the installment amount.

4.2.    If after these three reminders, the borrower does not settle the outstanding dues, the lender may either agree on revised terms with the borrower or take steps to convert the collateral into cash as per the terms of this promissory note

4.3.    The promissory note provides that any cash proceeds from sale of the collateral assets shall go first towards settling the outstanding dues including interest and any penalties as outlined in the loan agreement.

4.4.    Any residue cash remaining after settling the dues to the lender shall be transferred back to the borrower as per the terms of this promissory note.

5.    Governing Law

This promissory note falls under the jurisdiction of the state of XXX and shall be governed by the prevailing laws and statutes in place here.

6.    Severability

In the event that any condition contained in this promissory note is deemed invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, that clause alone shall be removed from the contract. The remaining healthy conditions of the promissory note shall remain unaffected by this change.

Both the borrower and the lender have read and understood the clauses contained in this promissory note. It shall come into effect from dd/mm/yyyy.

Property Management Agreement

The Property Management Agreement rendered below is made effective on this day (date) between (company name) hereafter known as “The Owner” whose main business address is (address) and is registered with the state of (state) and (Property Manager name) hereafter known as “The Agent” whose main office is located at (address) and whose company is registered with the state of (state).

1.    Ownership

1.1 The Owner in this Property Management Agreement claims ownership via a property title or warranty deed to the following property (legal description and address).

1.2 The Owner agrees, at the request of “the Agent” to provide proof of ownership or allow a title search at Owner’s expense to verify ownership.

2.    The Agent

2.1 The Agent agrees to maintain and manage the property per these Property Management Agreements.

2.2 Prior to accepting management of the property the Agent will make a thorough inspection of said property.

2.3 A report shall be delivered to the owner in writing about the state of the property.

2.4 The report shall outline any repairs or alterations that must be made to the property prior to the Agent assuming property management duties.

3.    Renting

3.1    The Agent is expected to put forth their best efforts to rent the property.

3.2    The Agent accepts sole responsibility for negotiating the terms of the rent.

3.3    Per this Property Management Agreement, the Agent has the power to agree to tenant extensions and lease renewals.

3.4    Should a tenant require a lease that is less than (number)months, the Agent, will, in writing, outline the requested lease and ask permission from the Owner, who shall agree or deny the lease terms in writing.

3.5    The Agent will not make any concessions to the rental price without the written agreement of the Owner.

4.    Marketing

4.1    The Agent is expected to advertise when the Owner’s property is vacant.

4.2    Per this Property Management Agreement, advertising expenses are not to surpass (amount) per month.  Any expenses in excess of this monthly amount are to be approved by the Owner in writing.

5.    Property Maintenance

5.1 The Owner expects the Agent to keep the property sufficiently maintained and in an excellent state of repair so as to attract potential tenants.

5.2 Per this Property Management Agreement the Agent is also expected to maintain the property while it is occupied and effect all necessary repairs in a timely manner.

5.3 For any repairs costing more than (amount), written consent from the owner is required except in an emergency situation where the repairs will prevent injury to the property or individuals living in the structure.

6.    Insurance

6.1 The Agent in this Property Management Agreement expects the Owner to maintain sufficient liability insurance as determined by the Agent on the property.

6.2    Fire and hazard insurance shall cover full replacement cost of the property.

6.3    As per Property Management Agreements the Owner is beholden to the Agent to provide a copy of the insurance policy

upon request.

The Agent and The Owner agree to the terms and conditions of this Property Management Agreement.

The Agent                                                                  The Owner

______________________                                        _______________________

Authorized Signature                                                  Authorized Signature

_____________________                                         ________________________

Print Name/Title                                                         Print Name/Title

Real Estate Contract Agreement

Property Address______________________________________  County____________

Name of Buyer/Buyers_____________________________________________

Name of Seller/Sellers______________________________________________

The buyer who signed below, hereafter known as “the Buyer” in this real estate contract, will purchase. and the seller who signed below, hereafter known as “the Seller in this real estate contract, will sell, the property as described in this real estate contract subject to covenants, easements restrictions of record and with every improvement included.

1.  Price of Purchase

1.1 As per real estate contracts the price of purchase to be paid to the Seller from the Buyer is (amount) dollars.

1.2    The price of purchase may be negotiable by either the Seller dependent on the outcome of the building inspection and/or appraisal.

2.    Deposit

2.1 The Buyer will deliver to the Seller or to an escrow company or other party as designated by the Seller, a deposit in the amount of (amount) dollars.

2.2    This deposit serves as a binder to shore up this contract.

2.3    If the binding check cannot be cashed due to lack of funds this real estate contract shall be canceled immediately.

2.4    If the Buyer defaults the terms of this real estate contract the deposit shall go to the Seller as compensation for damages.

2.5    If the Buyers chooses to exercise their rights per stips below or legal reasons and cancels this contract, the deposit binder shall be refunded to the Buyer in (number) business days.

3.    Financing (choose one option)

3.1    [  ] The Buyer is paying the Seller full in cash for the above mentioned property.

3.2    [  ] The Buyer has, or is, in the process of getting a loan to purchase the property from a financial institution.

3.3    As per real estate contracts the Buyer shall confirm and prove to the Seller either proof of cash funds or a commitment letter from the financial institution where the loan will be executed within (number) calendar days from the date on this real estate contract.

3.4    If the Buyer is unable to confirm funds are or will be available at time of sale, the Seller retains the right to cancel any real estate contracts and return the deposit in (number) business days.

4.    Appraisal (choose one)

4.1 [ ] Neither the Seller nor the Buyer, nor the financing company (if applicable) requires an appraisal.

4.2 [ ]The Buyer or their lender has (number) calendar days from the day this real estate contract is signed to arrange for an appraisal by a licensed appraiser.

4.3 If the real estate contract price for purchase is more than the appraisal value, the buyer has the right to cancel this real estate contract.  The deposit will be returned to the Buyer within (number) business days.

5.  Inspection Results (select one)

5.1   [ ] The Buyer agrees to purchase the above mentioned property “AS IS” including all faults.  The Seller informs the Buyer through real estate contracts that no repairs or alterations will be made to the property.

5.2 [ ] The Buyer has (number) calendar days from this real estate contract date to have a certified or licensed building inspector examine this property for all or any defects including but not limited to structure, termites, mold, radon, lead paint, and infrastructure.

5.3 As per real estate contracts should the Buyer fail to provide the Seller a copy of the inspection report outlining any defects within the time stated above, the property will be considered in an acceptable state with no repairs or alterations required.

5.4 As long as repairs or alterations do not exceed the cost of (amount) the Seller will correct the faults as stated in the inspection report.

5.5 Should repairs exceed the amount stated in clause 5.4, and the Buyer and Seller cannot come to a mutually satisfactory solution, the Buyer will be able to purchase the property “as is” or void this real estate contract.

6.  Does The Property Require a Lead Based Paint Disclosure and Pamphlet

__________Yes    ____________ No

6.1 This pamphlet is required by law for an property built prior to 1978.

7. Inclusive Property

7.1 Per the Seller, the following property will be part of the sale and included in “as is” condition. __________________________________________________


1.    Closing

The closing shall be scheduled before or on (date)

1.1    Should the closing need to be delayed for any reason both the Buyer and the Seller have the option to agree to the delay or either party has the option to declare this real estate contract null and void.

2.    Title

10.1 At the closing the Seller shall pass to the Buyer a viable title.  If the Seller is unable to produce said title the Buyer has the right to cancel the contract and receive full refund of the deposit within (number) business days.

11. Closing Costs

11.1     The Seller agrees to pay (amount) in closing costs.

11.2     The Buyer agrees to pay (amount) in closing costs.

This real estate contract is entered into freely and willfully on this (date)

Buyer Signature(s)____________________________

Seller Signature(s)____________________________

Renters Agreement

The Participants in this Renters Agreement of Property include the Landlord (name, address, mailing address) and the Tenant (name, address, mailing address). The Tenants addition household members include (names and relationship to Tenant)

1.    The Property

1.1    The property is located at (address) and consists of (number) of buildings, the following improvements (list) and the grounds (describe).

2.  Lease Term

2.1 The lease period shall begin on (number) day of (year) and shall end at midnight on (number) day of (year).

2.2 The lease in this Renters Agreement will be renewed automatically from month to month under the conditions of this Rent Agreement.

2.3 When the lease is finished either party must provide intent not to renew in  writing at least one month prior to the termination date.

3   Rent

3.1    The rental per month for this property is (number) (put in words).

3.2    The rent includes taxes for the Property as per local government.

3.3    The rent will increase yearly at a rate of (number) % of the rent of the previous year.

3.4    The rent shall be paid in advance for the current month on or before the first day of that month and sent to the landlord at the following address (address) or deposited into the following account (account #) and (name) Bank.

3.5    Should the rent be delayed (number) of days a late fee of (amount) will be charged to the tenant.

3.6    Any checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a surcharge of (amount) payable to the Landlord.

3.7    If payment has not been received as per this Renters Agreement the Landlord shall have the right to request compliance within 14 days of the collection notice.  Should the tenant fail to pay the rent within this allotted time the Landlord has the right to cancel Renters Agreements yet still retain the right to collect payment.

3.8    Should the Tenant refuse to leave the property upon notice of termination of the Rent Agreement, the landlord has the right to eviction proceedings.

3.9    There will be no rent reduction while the landlord is making property repairs.

4.  Additional Expenses

4.1 The Tenant assumes total responsibility for payment of electricity or gas, water, sewer and or garbage removal fees.

4.2 The Tenant will be responsible for any legal costs of the Landlord as a result of steps taken to enforce the Renters Agreement.

5.    Deposit

5.1 The Tenant agrees to pay a deposit in the amount of (amount).  This deposit will used at the termination of the Agreement to pay for any damages incurred by the Tenant.  Any balance will be refunded within 30 days of the expiration of this Renters Agreement.

5.2 The Tenant will not withhold the final month’s rental payment to set off against the deposit.

6.    Tenant Duties

6.1    The Tenant agrees the property is suitable for habitation.

6.2    The Tenant agrees the property is in a good repair and all appliances and locks are in satisfactory working order.

6.3    The Tenant agrees to inform the Landlord within 7 days of occupancy of any defects in structure of installation of appliances.

6.4    The Tenant agrees to permit the Landlord access to the property during reasonable hours with prior notice.

6.5    The Tenant agrees to care for the property and return it in the same working order it was received at the beginning of this Rent Agreement or be liable to pay for any damages.

6.6    The Tenant will not remodel, alter the structure, paint, or put hooks or nails into walls and doors with written permission from the Landlord.

6.7 The Tenant concurs that any changes or improvements made by the Tenant become the property of the Landlord upon termination of Renters Agreements.

6.7    The Tenant will keep no pets without Landlord’s written agreement.

We, the undersigned concur with the terms of this Renters Agreement on (date)

Landlord                                                          Tenant

_____________________                             _______________________

Authorized Signature                                     Authorized Signature

_____________________                             ________________________

Print Name

Residential Lease Agreement

1.    ABOUT THE PREMISE: This Residential Lease Agreement was agreed upon on _____20____ by and between ______, hereby referred to as the “Landlord”, whose address is ________, and _______, hereby referred to as the “Tenant”, whose address is____________. In accordance with the mutual consent between the Landlord and the Tenant, and with subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement, the Landlord rents to the Tenant the premises located at __________. The Tenant hereby acknowledges to have leased the said premises from the Landlord. The premises shall be used for residential purposes only, and will be occupied by _________number of people. Besides the furniture and personal property in the premises, this Residential Lease Agreement enables the Tenant to use the areas known to be common to all Tenants.

2.    TENANCY PERIOD: This Residential Lease Agreement will commence on _________, 20____ and will continue until _____20___on the same terms and conditions as agreed upon in this agreement. As in all Residential Lease Agreements, a 30 day prior written notice is to be provided by either party in case of any of them wanting to terminate the Lease.

3.    RENT PAYMENT: The Tenant shall pay a rent amount of _______ to the Landlord every month. This is to be paid in advance on the first day of each month, and will be accepted as rental charges for the previous month. The amount is to be paid by personal check, cashier’s check or money order only, and must be addressed to the Landlord at __________.

4.    SECURITY DEPOSIT: Adhering to the Residential Lease Agreements of the state, the Tenant shall pay to Landlord an amount of _________as security deposit. This amount as in all Residential Lease Agreements can be used by the Landlord to clean or repair any damage to the premises caused by the Tenant, upon termination of the contract. The deposit however cannot be applied towards the payment of rent by the Tenant. The money will be returned to the Tenant upon termination of this Lease if the Tenant has fulfilled all his / her obligations in regards to the payment of rent.

5.    LATE FEES & OTHER CHARGES: If the Tenant fails to pay the accepted amount of rent of ________by _________, the tenant shall pay to the Landlord a late fee of _________. If any rent cheque handed over by the Tenant to the Landlord returns due to any reason, two of them being insufficient funds, or “stop payment”, the Tenant agrees to pay a fee charge of ___________ to the Landlord.

6.    NOISE AND MAINTENANCE: The Tenant, as is the case in all Residential Lease Agreements, agrees to comply with all laws pertaining to the state of ______.  The Tenant shall not make or allow too much noise in or around the premises, thereby causing disturbances to neighbors. The Tenant agrees to safeguard all the properties within the premises and keep the premises and surroundings clean and hygienic at all times.

7.    REPAIRS, MODIFICATION: The Residential Lease Agreements of the state of _______demand that the Tenant does not make any modification or alterations within the premises without obtaining written permission from the Landlord.

8.    GAINING OWNERSHIP: If the Landlord, due to some reason is unable to hand over the premises to the Tenant within 30 days of the commencement of this Residential Lease Agreement, either the Landlord or the Tenant may choose to terminate this Lease. In this case, all payments made will be returned to the Tenant and any obligations will no longer be applicable. The Landlord will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to deliver the premises.

9.    PARKING FACILITIES: The space allotted to the Tenant at the parking lot can be used to park his/her vehicle.

10.    ACCESS TO THE LANDLORD: The Landlord or his agents may enter the premises by informing the Tenant beforehand to conduct inspection, do necessary repair work, and also to show the premises to prospective buyers or Tenants.

This is a legal document that binds together both the Landlord and the Tenant. Any modification in the Residential Lease Agreement requires a written consent and must be duly signed by all parties. One copy of the signed Lease will remain with the Landlord, and one will stay with the Tenant.

Executed under seal in the presence of:

WITNESS                    LANDLORD

WITNESS                    TENANT

STATE OF _____________________