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Work for Hire Agreement

This work for hire agreement is between ABC who shall now be known as the company and XYZ who shall now be referred to as the contractor. It is dated dd/mm/yyyy and shall come into effect from dd/mm/yyyy.

1.    Purpose of Work for Hire Agreements

The purpose of work for hire agreements is to outline the scope of work to be completed by the contractor during the course of the contract. It also defines the ownership of work once it is delivered to the company.

2.    Details of Work to be performed

As per work for hire agreements, the work under commission has to be clearly defined and outlined. Exhibit A of the annexure to this work for hire agreement contains comprehensive specifications of the deliverables. The contractor has the opportunity to review this document and raise any clarifications.

3.    Tenure of the Work for Hire Agreement.

According to work for hire agreements, the tenure shall be for a specified period and end in a natural course when all deliverables have been made. The tenure of this work for hire agreement shall be 6 months however the contract may come to a close earlier if the contractor is able to make delivery sooner.

4.    Compensation and Fees

This work for hire agreement stipulates the following conditions with respect to the fees to be paid to the contractor in consideration for services rendered:

4.1     The contractor shall be paid an amount of $ XXXX per hour for every hour spent on the works outlined in the Exhibit A of the work for hire agreement.

4.2    As is customary with work for hire agreements, this fee is exclusive of the cost of materials purchased towards completing the work and shall be charged separately.

4.3    The work for hire agreement requires that the contractor raise a monthly invoice and that this be submitted to the company by the 3rd working day of the month. The company shall make payment by the 7th working day of the month.

4.4    The monthly invoice should contain details of hours spent during the month, activities completed and milestones achieved.

5.    Ownership of Work Work for Hire Agreements specifically define that work performed by the contractor shall be owned by the company on delivery of said works. This work for hire agreement stipulates the following:

5.1    The contractor shall not retain any rights over the work produced and shall sign over all ownership rights on delivery as is outlined in this work for hire agreement.

5.2    In the event that further clarity is required in this work for hire agreement, the contractor shall sign any additional documents presented to him.

6.    Confidentiality

All the works performed by the contractor are governed by the confidential clause of work for hire agreements. The contractor is not permitted to convey, share, send or present any information obtained during the course of his work with the company to any party not directly related to the company or its affiliates. Failure to do this shall amount to immediate breach of contract.

7.    Termination of Work for Hire Agreement

As with most work for hire agreements, this contract may be terminated at any time by either the company or the contractor so long as the following conditions are met:

7.1    The resigning party provides the other party 30 days notice before terminating the contract.

7.2    In case the company is terminating the work for hire agreement, they shall pay the contractor all outstanding dues including the amounts that have accumulated up to the date of termination.

7.3    In the event of termination of the work for hire agreement, the contractor shall surrender all documents, work in progress, materials obtained and any other relevant paperwork before terminating the agreement. The contractor shall continue to be bound by the confidentiality clause contained in section 6 of this document.

This work for hire agreement is governed by the prevailing law of the land and has come into being for performing lawful works. Both the company and the contractor fully understand the terms and conditions listed in the document and agree to abide by them.