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Service Contract Agreement

Rendered this day (date) between (service provider) at (address) hereafter referred to as “the Company” and (employer) at (address) hereafter referred to as “the Employer” for the services of (description of services)

1. Maintenance

1.1    The Company agrees to keep the equipment is standard working order.

1.2    The Company agrees to conduct standard inspections (number) a year, free of charge.

1.3    Per service contracts the Company agrees, at no cost to the Employer, to service any piece of equipment that is still under warranty provided the incident was not caused by error on the part of the Employer.

1.4    The Company agrees, at a fee to be named, to service the equipment in a timely manner of less than (time) should equipment fail out of warranty.

1.5    The Company is not responsible for any loss of income or productivity due to the failure of the equipment.

2. Off sight Service

2.1 Should the Company deem necessary, it reserves the right to remove the equipment from the Employer’s property and transport to a workshop for maintenance per this service contract.

2.2 The Company reserves the right to request the Employer transport the equipment to the Company workshop for service should the Company location be (miles) away from the Company address as listed above.

3. Servicing On Site

3.1 The Company will provide onsite maintenance as agreed in the purchase or warranty service contract.

3.2 Should the equipment be moved to a new location it is the responsibility of the Employer to inform the Company of the change in venue.  If the new location is not within (number) miles of the nearest Company location the Company has the right to charge a mileage surcharge, request the Employer transport the equipment to the Company workshop, or charge the Employer a premium for hiring a sub-contractor.

4. Neglect or Misuse

4.1 The warranty does not cover repairs to equipment due to accident, acts of God, misuse or theft.

4.1 Deliberate misuse of the equipment will automatically render this service contract and the warranty null and void.

5. Parts

5.1 The Company will not accept responsibility for any loss of revenues due to a delay in corrective maintenance as a result of a parts delivery issue.

6.  Outside Service

6.1 The Company has the right to cancel this service contract and the warranty should the Employer choose to hired a technician not approved by the Company.

6.2 The Company has the right to charge a fee to correct any damage done as the result of unauthorized maintenance regardless of the warranty.

7.  Serial Numbers

7.1 The Company shall deem service contracts and the warranty null and void should the serial number or any other identifying indicators be removed.

8.  Service Time

8.1 Per the service contract, the Company reserves the right to maintain the Employer’s equipment during the standard business hours of (time) to (time).

8.2 Should the Employer require the Company to service the equipment during a holiday or non-business hours and additional fee of (amount) will be charged per hour.

9.  Agreement Transfer

9.1 This agreement is not transferable if the equipment is sold unless the Company provides written permission.

This service contract is agreed to on (date)

The Company (company representative)_______________

The Employer ____________________