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Consultant Agreement

This Consultant Agreement made this day of (date) by and between (company name) located at (main headquarters address) hereafter call “the Company” and (name of consultant) with an address of (address) hereafter referred to as “the Consultant”

1. Consultant Services

1.1 The Company has agreed to hire the consultant as per this Consultant Agreement to perform the following services (describe services).

1.2 The Consultant per this Consultant Agreement agrees to work with the Company officers and employees to complete the services of (describe services).

2.    Terms of Consultant Agreements

2.1  This Consultant Agreement begins on (date) and ends on (date).

2.2   Cancellation of the Consultant Agreement may be accomplished by either the Company or the Consultant by providing written notice 30 days prior to cancellation.  The written notice must be delivered personally or by certified   mail.

3.    Location of Services

3.1 The Consultant will render services per this Consultant Agreement at (address)

3.2  The Consultant will also render services via telephone or at additional locations as designated by the Company.

4.    Work Hours

4.1 The Company expects the consultant to devote at least (number) of hours to fulfill the obligations of this Consultant Agreement per week.

4.2 It is expected by the Company that weekly hours may vary but the Consultant is expected to spend a minimum of (hours) per month to meet the obligations of these Consultant Agreements.

5.    Payment

5.1 As per Consultant Agreements the Company agrees to pay the Consultant (amount) per hour per this Consultant Agreement.

5.2 The Company agrees to pay the Consultant a minimum of (amount) per month regardless of time spent on this obligation.

5.3    The Company expects the Consultant to send in (weekly/monthly) statements showing the time spent on this consultation.

5.4    The Company agrees to pay the Consultant within (days) of statement receipt.

6    The Contractor/Consultant

6.1 According to Consultant Agreements the Consultant is an independent contractor and will be responsible for payment of all State, Federal and local taxes.

6.2 The Consultant is also expected to pay their own business license annual fees and any required liability or health insurance.

7    Privacy

7.1 Per this Consultant Agreement, the Consultant will maintain confidentiality regarding any information received by the Company about it organization or its clients.

8    Additional Employees

8.1 Should the Consultant require additional services per the Company, the Company will pay for the additional services at no cost to the Consultant.

8.2 Should the Consultant hire employees without Company consent in writing, the Consultant will be expected to pay for those additional services.

Per the terms of this Consultant Agreement, the Company and the Consultant agree to this contract on (date).





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