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Business Contract Agreement

The parties taking part in this business contract are (business name) referred to as “the Company” in this contract and (Name/SS#/Mailing Address of the independent contractor) referred to as “the Contractor” in the rest of this business contract.

1.    Work Start

1.1 This Business Contract will begin on (date) and end when the services in the agreement below have been completed as determined by the Company.

2.    Business Contracts

2.1    The Contractor acknowledges that this is not an employment agreement.

2.2    The Contractor understands he/she has no claim to benefits, bonuses, between the Contractor and the Company end.

3.    Services

3.1    Expected services by the Company include: (list services)

3.2    The Contractor has complete control as to how the services will be completed provided they meet the standards of the Company.

3.3    The Contractor confirms he/she is not under contract to any other company providing similar services.

3.4    The Contractor agrees that any job not meeting the Company inspection shall be repeated to correct any issues.

3.5    The Company confirms that the Contractor will not break any laws while performing the services.

3.6    Business contracts state that the Contractor is able to complete the job with the expertise represented in the initial interview.  If the Contractor has misrepresented their talents this will lead to immediate termination.

4.    Payment

4.1    This business contract states the payment to the Contractor as follows:

4.2    Upon completion of the business service as indicated above, the Company will pay the sum of (amount) to the Contractor.

4.3    The Contractor will be paid within (days) of completing the required services in full or in monthly installments of (money) with the first payment in  (days) of service completions.

4.4    Per this business contract the Company agrees to pay pre-approved business expenses with (days) days of receiving the receipts.

5.    Help

5.1 The Contractor is allowed to employ help as needed to complete required services.

5.2 All provisions in this business contract apply to any assistants hired by the Contractor.

5.3    The Contractor is responsible to pay wages of all the assistants.

5.4    The Company agrees to go through the Contractor to direct the activities of the assistants.

6.    Confidence

6.1 Business Contracts stipulate that the Contractor will get to know private information about the company that must not be divulged outside of the company.

6.2 The Contractor agrees to take sufficient security measures to protect any confidential information in the Contractor’s keeping including the names and personal information of the Company clients.

6.2 The Contractor will be required to return to the Company any company information including books, computer records, correspondence, or any client information.

7.    Work Ownership

7.1 Per this business contract, the Contractor agrees that any media created for the company including but not limited to documents, drawings, computer programs, photos or technical manuals will be considered the sole property of the Company.

7.2 The Contractor agrees not to keep any copies of items made for the Company once employment has ended.

7.3 The Contractor agrees to allow the Company complete rights and copyrights of any works done by the Contractor on behalf of the Company.

8.    Termination

8.1 The business contract will automatically terminate if the Contractor or the company is arrested for a criminal offence.

8.2 Should the Company fail to pay the Contractor within 30 days the Contractor has the right to terminate the business contract.

8.3 As per business contracts should the Contractor fail to perform as required by the business contract the Company has the right to terminate the contract.

Signed on (date)

Signature (on behalf of Company) ________________________



Signature (Contractor)_________________

Witness _____________


Consultant Agreement

This Consultant Agreement made this day of (date) by and between (company name) located at (main headquarters address) hereafter call “the Company” and (name of consultant) with an address of (address) hereafter referred to as “the Consultant”

1. Consultant Services

1.1 The Company has agreed to hire the consultant as per this Consultant Agreement to perform the following services (describe services).

1.2 The Consultant per this Consultant Agreement agrees to work with the Company officers and employees to complete the services of (describe services).

2.    Terms of Consultant Agreements

2.1  This Consultant Agreement begins on (date) and ends on (date).

2.2   Cancellation of the Consultant Agreement may be accomplished by either the Company or the Consultant by providing written notice 30 days prior to cancellation.  The written notice must be delivered personally or by certified   mail.

3.    Location of Services

3.1 The Consultant will render services per this Consultant Agreement at (address)

3.2  The Consultant will also render services via telephone or at additional locations as designated by the Company.

4.    Work Hours

4.1 The Company expects the consultant to devote at least (number) of hours to fulfill the obligations of this Consultant Agreement per week.

4.2 It is expected by the Company that weekly hours may vary but the Consultant is expected to spend a minimum of (hours) per month to meet the obligations of these Consultant Agreements.

5.    Payment

5.1 As per Consultant Agreements the Company agrees to pay the Consultant (amount) per hour per this Consultant Agreement.

5.2 The Company agrees to pay the Consultant a minimum of (amount) per month regardless of time spent on this obligation.

5.3    The Company expects the Consultant to send in (weekly/monthly) statements showing the time spent on this consultation.

5.4    The Company agrees to pay the Consultant within (days) of statement receipt.

6    The Contractor/Consultant

6.1 According to Consultant Agreements the Consultant is an independent contractor and will be responsible for payment of all State, Federal and local taxes.

6.2 The Consultant is also expected to pay their own business license annual fees and any required liability or health insurance.

7    Privacy

7.1 Per this Consultant Agreement, the Consultant will maintain confidentiality regarding any information received by the Company about it organization or its clients.

8    Additional Employees

8.1 Should the Consultant require additional services per the Company, the Company will pay for the additional services at no cost to the Consultant.

8.2 Should the Consultant hire employees without Company consent in writing, the Consultant will be expected to pay for those additional services.

Per the terms of this Consultant Agreement, the Company and the Consultant agree to this contract on (date).





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Franchise Agreement

This Franchise Agreement is a contract made effective on (date) between (your name or your company name) hereafter called the “Franchisor” and existing in the state of (name) with its main office located at (address) and (Franchise Name) hereafter called the “Franchisee” located in the state of (name) with its headquarters at (address).

The Franchisor agrees to own the franchise (description) in (country) that either rents, sells or markets (describe the product or service) to (select one: the public, private or public corporations, the government). The Franchisor also agrees to purchase for each franchise location a specific number or products or services and will provide appropriate advertising and marketing to support the Franchisee.

1.    Term of Agreement

1.1 These Franchise Agreements will last for a term beginning on (date) and ending on (date) and shall be called the “Contract Year”.

2.    Region

2.1 The region for this Franchise Agreement will be located in (country) and the country’s territories to include (describe location of franchise(s) including full address).

3.    Revenue Distribution

3.1 The Franchisee shall pay the Franchisor (percentage) of the net income with distribution to be due on (date)

4.    Commitments of Franchisor

4.1 The Franchisor agrees to the following purchasing directives at all Franchise locations:  (describe the purchasing requirements)

4.2 For any goods stolen, lost or unaccounted for at least (number) days the Franchisee agrees to pay (amount) to the Franchisor.

4.3 Per this Franchise Agreement, if the Franchisor does not order (number) per requirement listed above the Franchisee will pay (amount) to the Franchisor, which will be an amount equal to the number the Franchisee did not order

4.4 If the Franchisor does not deliver the units ordered by the Franchisee per the requirements above, the Franchisor shall pay the Franchisee for each unit not delivered.

5. Advertising and Marketing

5.1 As per Franchise Agreements the Franchisee will confer with the Franchisor and apprise Franchisor of all marketing and advertising plans.

5.2 The Franchisee in these Franchise Agreements agrees to follow the overall marketing and advertising policies of the Franchisor.

5.3 The Franchisee agrees to allow the Franchisor final say and approval on all marketing plans in a timely manner and in writing.

5.    Reporting

5.1 The Franchisee in this Franchise Agreement will provide to the Franchisor daily electronic access to sales and inventory summaries as well as all pertinent operation data including but not limited to sales or rental data, daily inventory and each day’s revenue.

6.    Renewal Review

6.1 Prior to the end of the Contract year the Franchisee and Franchisor shall meet to review this Franchise Agreement. If the parties cannot agree to amendments to this Franchise Agreement then the current agreement will remain in effect for (number) days after the end of the Contract Year during which time either party can provide notification of termination.

6.2 Once notice of termination has been given the Franchisee can no longer purchase additional product units and the Franchisor no longer is obligated to sell the product to the Franchisee

7.    Termination of the Franchise Agreements

7.1 This contract can be terminated by either party when a breach occurs and the offending party fails to correct the breach within (number) days.

7.2    This contract will be terminated should either part file for bankruptcy

7.3    This contract will be terminated should either party fail to make payment.

7.4    Termination of this agreement does not discharge the owing party from its obligations.

This Agreement is made under the laws governed by the state of (state).

This Franchise Agreement is entered into on (date).

Franchisor                                             Franchisee

___________________                        _______________________

Authorized Signature                              Authorized Signature

__________________                         ________________________

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Joint Venture Agreement

The Joint Venture Agreement below becomes effective on (date).  This agreement is made between (company or individual name), hereafter called the “First Joint Venturer” under the laws of (state) with the main office at (address)  and (company/individual) hereafter called the “Second Joint Venturer” under the laws of (state) with the main office at (address).

This Joint Venture Agreement formed by the First Joint Venturer and the Second Joint Venturer is for the sole purpose of (provide details of the joint venture).

1.    Business Formation and Location

1.1 As per Joint Venture Agreements the Venturers agree to form this joint venture in compliance with laws of (state)  or any other state the Venturer chooses to operate.

1.2 The Venture will be located principally at (address) but will allow for relocation or the opening of multiple offices.

2.    Purpose

2.1 The business Venture in this Joint Venture Agreement is (describe business) with product/ service amount of (dollar amount).

3.    Term of Joint Venture Agreement

3.1 This Joint Venture Agreement will begin on the date herein and will be terminated either upon completion of this project including receipt of full payment, or by agreement of both Venturers.

4.    Participation

4.1 Both parties concur that any losses incurred from this Joint Venture will be shared equally.

4.2 Should one of the Venturers be forced to pay losses connected to this venture in excess of the participation percentage, the other Venturer will reimburse the other Venturer to the extent that both own their percentage of participation loss.

4.3 Both Venturers agree to hold each other harmless from losses generated from the Venture beyond the Participation Percentage provided the losses are directly related to this Joint Venture Agreement.

4.4    Each Venturer agrees to contribute to the Venture agreement in accordance with the value of their respective interests.

4.5    The percentage interest of each Venturer shall be as follows (describe).

4.6    Neither Venturer can remove their initial capital contribution except as laid out by this Joint Venture Agreement.

5.    Profits and Losses

5.1 Profits shall be paid pro rata to each Venturer based on their respective percentage interests.

5.2 Net loss in per Joint Venture Agreements shall be divided based on the Venturers respective percentage interests.

5.3 Cash distributions shall be paid out pro rata based on the percentage interests of each Venturer.

6.    Policy

6.1 Each Venturer shall have a vote that is equal to their respective Participation Percentage. As such each party in the Venture is awarded the following number of votes (list).

6.2 Each Venturer can name representatives via written notice to act on behalf of the Venturer in all matters pertaining to the interest of the Joint Venture.

7.    Delegation of Responsibility

7.1 Per this Joint Venture Agreement (name) shall be responsible for all payroll and bookkeeping.

7.2 Per this Joint Venture Agreement (name) shall be responsible for managing the work on the project.

7.3 The Venturers name (name) as General Manager who will be enforced with maintaining performance as per this contract

8.    Disputes

8.1    If at any time the Venturers dispute an issue the Venturers agree to settle the dispute via arbitration and waive a trial by jury.

The Joint Venture Agreements will be governed by the laws of (state) and executed this day (date).

First Joint Venturer                                     Second Joint Venturer

__________________________                 _________________________

Authorized Signature                                     Authorized Signature

________________________                  ___________________________

Printed Name and Title              Printed Name and Title

Affiliate Agreement

The Affiliate Agreement composed below is between (company name) whose address is (main headquarter address) hereafter referred to as “the Company” and whose referral program is called (program name) and the Referral Partner (company/individual name) whose address is (address), hereafter referred to as the Referral Partner.

1.    Start Up

1.1 The Referral Partner in this Affiliate Agreement agrees to complete the application online found at the following website (URL address).

1.2 The Company has the right to reject any application if the Referral Partner’s website contains objectionable material as defined by the Company.

2.    Company Link

2.1 Per Affiliate Agreements the Company agrees to provide the pertinent information to set up banners, links, logos and other company information on the Referral Partner’s website.

2.2 The Company has the right to cancel this agreement if the Company name, logo, or other Company material is displayed in an unacceptable manner.

2.3 Should the Referral Partner receive notice to remove Company references from its website this must be done immediately.

3.    Commission

3.1 Commission will be received when a customer purchases company products by moving through a link from the Referral Partner’s website.

3.2 Commission in the amount of (dollar/percentage) will be paid per purchase from the Referral Partner’s link once payment has been collected by the Company.

3.3 Per Affiliate Agreements, once the customer’s payment has cleared, payment will made to the Referral Partner within (number) days following collection of payment.

3.4 The first payment as indicated in this Affiliate Agreement will not be issued to the Referral Partner until the Referral Partner’s account equals or exceeds (dollar amount)

3.5 Should the account be terminated but Company payment remains due to the Referral Partner, that payment will be made as per this Affiliate Agreement.

4.    Customer Information

4.1 All customer information collected through the Referral Partner’s link remains the sole property of the Company.

4.2 The Referral Partner is this Affiliate Agreement agrees not to share the client information with any other company or use the client information for personal gain.

5.    Company Obligation

5.1 The Company agrees in Affiliate Agreement to provide each Referral Partner a monthly sales report summarizing the sales from the Referral Partner’s website.

5.2 This sales report will be delivered via an email address provided by the Referral Partner, or via a private secure account on the Company’s website.

6.    Website Maintenance

6.1 The Company expects the Referral Partner to maintain their web site and update all Company banners, logos and sales offers as required by the Company and Affiliate Agreement.

7.    Termination

7.1    Either party may terminate this agreement by provided a 30-day notice in writing.

7.2    Commission due at termination notice will be paid out by the Company.

This Affiliate Agreement is made in accordance with the state laws of (state) by and between on this date (date)

Company                                                                 Referral Partner

__________________________                             _________________________

Authorized Signature                                               Authorized Signature

___________________________                           __________________________

Print Name/Title                                                      Print Name/Title

Seller Agreements

The seller agreement outlined below is between ABC including all his heirs, assignors and executors; and XYZ, a real estate brokerage firm operating in the XXX area of XXXX state, United states. It shall be dated mm/yy/dddd and shall replace all other seller agreements, if any, currently in place between ABC and XYZ.

1.    Definitions

As required by seller agreements, all relevant parties will be defined.

1.1    ABC including all his heirs, assignors and executors shall hence forward been known as the ‘seller’.

1.2    XYZ and any persons acting on behalf of the firm shall be known as the ‘broker’.

1.3    The seller agreement relates to the sale of the premises located at the following address and shall hitherto be referred to as ‘the property’.


2.    Purpose of Seller Agreement

The purpose of this contract as with all seller agreements is to outline the rights and privileges available to both parties during the course of selling the property. As per this agreement, the seller is employing the broker to sell the property outlined in section 1.3 on his behalf.

3.    Duration of the Seller Agreement

The agreement shall commence on the date of signing and shall continue for a period of 12 months.

4.    Rights and Obligations of the Broker

This section provides below the rights and obligations assigned to the broker during the course of sale of the property.

4.1    Exclusive Agent

The broker shall be the exclusive agent for sale of the property mentioned in section 1.3 of this seller agreement. No other broker or agent shall claim any right to sell the property or provide alternative seller agreements in this regard.

4.2    Judicious Performance of Duties

Upon signing of this seller agreement, the broker shall take all steps necessary to procure buyers that are ready to purchase the property at the price and terms outlined by the seller. In case market conditions do not produce such a buyer, the broker shall make his best attempt towards identifying buyers prepared to purchase the propert at the next best possible terms.

This seller agreement states that the broker shall not be responsible for failure to perform duties due to factors outside his control like a weak economic climate, act of God or natural calamity.

4.3    Rates and Brokerage Fee

As with seller agreements, the broker is entitled to a fee for sourcing a ready and willing buyer of the property. For his efforts, the broker is entitled 6% of the purchase price obtained for property, subject to the following conditions:

4.3.1    The buyer is identified and introduced by the broker.

4.3.2    The property is sold to a person introduced to it by the broker.

4.3.3    The property is sold during the period when this seller agreement is in effect.

4.4    Right to No Contest

The broker shall be free of legal action imposed by the seller unless there is proven misconduct or negligence on the part of the broker. In case a suit is filed and unsuccessful, the seller shall cover all legal expenses incurred by the broker towards the suit according to conventional practice with seller agreements.

5.    Rights and Obligations of the Seller

The seller agreement details the following rights and obligations for the seller of the property contained in section 1.3

5.1    Comply with all Payment Obligations

The seller shall pay all fees due to the broker during the course of the sale of the property. The brokerage fee is outlined in section 3.3 of this seller agreement. The seller is not required to reimburse the broker for any other expenses or incidentals incurred by him. The brokerage fee shall be the sole payment liability.

5.2    Fully Cooperate with the Broker

The seller shall fully cooperate with the broker and enable him to perform his duties to best of his ability. As with seller agreements, the seller shall allow the broker to display the property to prospective buyers and not encumber the process in any way.

In case the seller comes in contact with any prospective buyers, this seller agreement requires that the seller notify the broker in this regard.

5.3    Right to No Contest

As per the seller agreement, the seller shall enjoy the right of no legal action applied by the broker unless there is an incidence of proven misbehavior or default. In the event the broker files such a case and is unsuccessful, all legal fees shall be absorbed by the broker.

This contract is fully understood by me and all my associates connected with the property.





Stock Purchase Agreements

This stock purchase agreement is between ABC and DEF and relates to the transfer of shares from ABC to DEF. ABC shall be referred to as the company and DEF shall be referred to as the purchase for the purpose of this stock purchase agreement.

1.    Sale of Shares

As is customary with stock purchase agreements, a clear statement of sale and purchase of shares is outlined. This section covers the details relating to acquisition of sales by the purchaser.

1.1    Number of Shares

Following the successful signing of this stock purchase agreement, the company agrees to sell XXXX shares to the purchaser and the purchaser agrees to buy the said XXXX shares from the seller.

1.2    Modalities of Transfer of Shares

According to stock purchase agreements, the transfer of shares shall take place at the head office of the company located at the address below unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

1.3    Price of Shares

This stock purchase agreement specifies that in return for the shares mentioned in section 1.1 of this document, the purchaser agrees to pay an amount of $ XXX per share amounting to a total of $ XXX for all shares.

1.4    Modality of Payment

As is customary with stock purchase agreements, on signing of this agreement, the purchaser shall make payment for half of the total amount payable. The balance shall be paid when the transfer is executed.

2.    Repurchase Rights

This stock purchase agreement affords the company the following rights of repurchase:

2.1    As is customary with stock purchase agreements, the company enjoys the right to repurchase the shares sold to the purchaser. These shares shall be categorized as restricted shares. The purchaser may not transfer or sell these shares to any party other than his lawful heirs or spouse.

2.2    The stock purchase agreement specifies that the company is not obligated to repurchase the shares. The company holds only a right to repurchase them.

2.3    This stock purchase agreement requires that the shares shall be restricted for period of 90 days from the date of transfer of the shares from the company to the purchaser.

3.    General Conditions

As is customary with stock purchase agreements, the following general conditions shall apply to the contract between these two parties:

3.1    Compliance with General Law

According to stock purchase agreements, this contract shall be governed by the laws of state and country in which it has been signed. In case of any conflict between the contents of the agreement and the prevailing laws of the land, the governing laws shall prevail.

3.2    Severability

As is usually applicable in stock purchase agreements, in case of any unenforceability of one of the provisions contained in the agreement, that clause alone shall be amended or disregarded. The remaining document shall remain valid.

Both parties have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in the stock purchase agreement detailed above.