Independent Contractor Agreement

This independent contractor agreement is dated mm/dd/yyyy and defines the terms of service between ABC who will henceforth be referred to as ‘Company’ in this document and XYZ who will
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Hold Harmless Agreements

This hold harmless agreement is between ABC who shall be called the agency for the purposes of this contract and DEF who shall be called the renter for the purposes
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Indemnification Agreements

This is an indemnification agreement between the city of XXX and ABC, a corporate entity intending to carry out lawful business in XXX. It is dated dd/mm/yyyy and shall come
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LLC Operating Agreements

This LLC Operating Agreement has come into effect on mm/dd/yyyy and shall outline the conduct of business and affairs of the Limited Liability Company titled ABC Inc. The individuals listed
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Share Purchase Agreements

This contract is a share purchase agreement between two parties, namely the board of directors of ABC limited who shall
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License Agreement

This License Agreement is made on _____20____ between ______, herein referred to as the “Licensor”, whose address is ________, (street, city, state, country, postal code) and _______, herein referred to
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