Consulting Agreements

This consulting agreement has come into force on this date dd/mm/yyyy between ABC Inc who will be called ‘the company’ and XYZ, a consultant in the field of XXX, who
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Distribution Agreement

This Distribution Agreement is compiled and put into effect on (date) between (Company Name), hereafter known as “the Company” incorporated in the state of (State) and located at (office address)
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Franchise Agreement

This Franchise Agreement is a contract made effective on (date) between (your name or your company name) hereafter called the “Franchisor” and existing in the state of (name) with its
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Joint Venture Agreement

The Joint Venture Agreement below becomes effective on (date).  This agreement is made between (company or individual name), hereafter called the “First Joint Venturer” under the laws of (state) with
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Business Contract Agreement

The parties taking part in this business contract are (business name) referred to as “the Company” in this contract and
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Consultant Agreement

This Consultant Agreement made this day of (date) by and between (company name) located at (main headquarters address) hereafter call
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Affiliate Agreement

The Affiliate Agreement composed below is between (company name) whose address is (main headquarter address) hereafter referred to as “the
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Seller Agreements

The seller agreement outlined below is between ABC including all his heirs, assignors and executors; and XYZ, a real estate
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Stock Purchase Agreements

This stock purchase agreement is between ABC and DEF and relates to the transfer of shares from ABC to DEF. ABC shall be referred to as the company and DEF
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